Elite Real Estate SA

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RENTALS (08) 8376 3335

Company Profile

Elite Real Estate SA is not just another Real Estate Company.

We like to think of it as an extension of our personalities.

A brand that breathes and lives day by day by the same core values that all of its employees embrace.

For the past 10 years, Jamie Thompson and Richard Wedding have enjoyed and sustained ongoing success in Adelaide’s Real Estate industry. Combining over 30 years of experience with a support and referral network that has never been so strong, it was inevitable that they would eventually begin their own business. The time was right and November of 2015 is when they teamed up with the strength of the well-established Elite Rentals property management team and the Elite Real Estate SA brand was born.

As a tight team and all with the same values, we believe that good old fashioned service is the key. The “churn and burn” mentality is widespread in our industry with business owners everywhere trying to turn their salespeople into superstars based on the amount of homes they sell.

We understand that selling your most valuable asset is an emotional and personal experience. We won’t treat you or the sale of your home as just another number.
It’s not a competition. We don’t do this to be famous and win an award every other month for how many homes we’ve sold. We do it because we love it and have your best interests at heart.

We strongly believe that actions speak louder than words!

With their loyal team of professional photographers, home stylists and printers, they have put in place the best systems and structured their business to run smoothly and efficiently. Everything is in place to give you the best result!

Our Promise to you….                     
-to act with integrity and in your best interests, always.
-to give you the very best advice, professional service and value.
-to provide you with the very best sales experience and sale result possible.