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Jamie Thompson

Director/Sales Consultant

M: 0411 015 658

In his 13th year in Real Estate, Jamie is where he wants to be! A multi award winning agent and a specialist in selling Real Estate in the beachside and western suburbs of Adelaide.
For Jamie, building trusting relationships that last long after the sale or purchase process is what’s really important. If you and your agent are on the same page and show respect and trust to each other, the rest is easy!
Being highly motivated and restless by nature, Real Estate allows Jamie to be rewarded based on the hard work and dedication he shows it. Along with vision and a super sensitive eye for detail, he will have you excited about the process to follow.
“Marketing is everything; you only get one chance at making a first impression.” This is something Jamie shows more passion and commitment to than other agents and the reason he is chosen time and time again against his competition.
Outstanding results don’t just happen! Working day in, day out in an industry where every phone call is important, Jamie’s negotiation skills are excellent. Understanding purchasers buying signals, qualifying purchasers, and knowing which ones to recommend, all come with experience. Understanding the sales strategy and more importantly taking control of it, is what delivers the best selling price every time. There’s more to selling a house than just handing out a brochure.
Homes are bought based on feeling and emotion, It is so important that I create a happy buying experience throughout the whole process, beginning at the first open inspection and the second a potential purchaser meets me. I will bring my “A” game every time! Understanding how important the buyers “Experience” is whilst in your home is crucial in creating the best possible relationship with them. Rapport building is the key, if a purchaser doesn’t like me how am I going to achieve the highest possible selling price? This won’t happen when I’m selling your home, but it’s understanding this which makes me so different to average agents you may have met.
However, a combination of the best marketing, presentation and outstanding negotiation skills is still not enough. The third piece of the puzzle is Strategy. This is where so many agents fall down. They don’t have a defined and proven strategy that they specialise in.
Jamie’s well known “Best Offer By” campaigns involve setting a specified time frame in which buyers have to submit offers on your property. Taking control of the sales campaign in a market which can be seen to favour “Buyers” is the key.
The property is advertised with a price guide and “Best Offer By” a certain date. Having a close off date helps to create a sense of urgency and can greatly assist in reducing days on market. Knowing that they have competition and that all offers will be submitted to the owner at the same time encourages buyers to submit their best offers as they know they may only get one opportunity to make an offer.
With so many benefits and so many outstanding “over the asking price sales results, this strategy is almost full proof as long as you follow a few simple rules.
Give Jamie a call anytime, and in any market to find out how he will get you the maximum sale price for your home.